2024 Top Five Wedding Color Palettes

Curating your wedding color palette is arguably one of the most important aspects of wedding planning, as the colors you choose will be incorporated into every detail of your wedding day. No matter what trends you’re seeing on TikTok and Pinterest, choose a color palette that feels authentically you, as the trends always come and go but your wedding day is once in a lifetime!

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This dreamy barbie-core wedding vibe is perfect for those looking to channel their inner princess dreams. Of course being the color of love, gorgeous shades of pink mixed with vibrant crimsons and Pantone’s 2023 color of the year, Viva Magenta, will create an exciting and romantic palette for your 2024 wedding. These gorgeous hues won’t just be seen in 2024 bridesmaids dresses and bouquets. From your wedding shoes, to the linens and napkins, signage, cake, and everything between, incorporate shades of magenta into every aspect of your wedding day for a glamorous experience that’ll leave your guests speechless.


Taking inspiration from another breathtaking element of nature, a sunset-inspired wedding color palette will be the talk of town in 2024. Use shades of energetic peaches, tangerines and rusty oranges to douse your entire 2024 wedding day in the feeling of warm sunshine if you choose this show-stopping color palette. Incorporate lush lilies, hibiscus, tulips and roses into your floral arrangements that’ll line your wedding ceremony aisle, and pair perfectly mismatched bridesmaids dresses in different hues, shades, textures, and patterns for an incredible 2024 wedding day that’ll leave you reliving the warm energy of your wedding day for years to come.


This island-inspired wedding color palette encapsulates what a southern summer feels like — the warm touch of sunshine on your skin, cool sunset swims, chilled lemonade on an August afternoon, and the smell of blooming flowers and freshly cut grass. Pair baby’s breath and gorgeous yellow roses with blue and gold tablescapes to make this color palette come to life, and emit a sense of serenity and cheerfulness into your guests that they’ll be feeling throughout your gorgeous summer wedding night, and beyond.


Lilac is the perfect color to express what spring feels like. And with fresh buds blooming on the trees around you, this color palette will pair perfectly with the gorgeous backdrop that spring has to offer.


Nature’s beauty will be a major source of wedding color inspiration for 2024 couples. And what are found in nature that are authentically gorgeous? Wildflowers. A wildflower-themed wedding allows for endless color opportunities. Cool blues, vibrant greens, and muted salmons are just a few of the thousands of color options you could mesh to create a whimsical garden-party vibe for your wedding day. Use breathtaking wildflowers to fill your bridal bouquet, cover your tiered cake, and as the overarching inspiration for an incredibly unique 2024 wedding color palette.